Should I update motherboard drivers?

Sep 10, 2018

I just turned my PC on succesfully.

I updated GPU drivers from Nvidia's website.

Should I also update motherboard's ones or not at all? (AsRock B450 Pro4)

Also, anything else I should update etc? I got windows10 btw.

I generally advise people to download the latest motherboard drivers instead of using the installation disc. That way they are up to date.

You didn't list the build components. But if it is a Ryzen motherboard, I would also suggest updating the motherboard BIOS on installation as well.
Once your motherboard is stable, there is not much need to update the drivers.
The drivers that come with the motherboard should be fine, but it is possible that they may not be the very latest.
Your choice if you want to download and install the latest.
One thing which you should probably do is to disable windows 10 driver updating.
Sometimes windows pushes out incorrect updates screwing up what was already running.
I would manage the graphics drivers myself whenever an update seems necessary, like for a new game .
As Geofelt mentioned, periodically Windows 10 updates device drivers. It causes me problems every time. I have two monitors. Whenever the Windows 10 updates the graphics driver, the secondary monitor goes black. Then I update the graphics driver once again from , and I am back in business. It has done the same for my audio driver. Again just update the driver from the manufacturer website.