Should I update my mobo bios all the time?


Nov 1, 2004
I know there are warnings that you should not update the mobo bios unless you are experiencing problems or need the update in order to run new parts.

In general terms, what are some issues you can run into if you update your bios when nothing was wrong in the 1st place? There are some who stays with what works and do not wish to update, and there are those who want the latest updates installed. What is the right/best to handle new bioss.



Oct 8, 2007
If it's not broke, don't fix it!!!!!!! I did a bios update and had to rma the board. It seems there was an issue with the update program. I would only update the bios if required for new cpu or if you were having some other issues. Never use a windows based bios update program on a beta bios. That's what happen to me. Before updating check mobo web site for update instructions. Just to update the bios because there is a newer version may bring you problems you don't want.

Read the BIOS release notes on the product support/download page as well as the product's forum discussions. Some BIOS releases are more important with fixes/updates for many issues. BIOS revisions can even provide a software update where a 'hard' update like a rev. 2 board would otherwise have to be released. ASUS boards compared to Gigabyte's new revision releases is a good example. In many instances, a BIOS revision will be more practical and perform almost as well as a MB revision release. HTH.
If the mobo works, why waste time and take risks updating the BIOS?

Possible issues:
1. Maybe the new BIOS has new bugs. Every software developer has at some point introduced a bug while fixing another, you know...
2. You may have to go through the BIOS and adjust tons of settings again when you're done updating.
3. If something goes wrong, you may be able to fix it with BIOS Recovery, or by rewriting an EPROM, or you may need to get a new mobo. It depends.


Sep 14, 2004
I would not update the bios unless you were experiencing problems that you could attribute to the bios.

Right now, I could update my bios but have not. I thought perhaps it would help decrease my cpu temp by updating the controls on my heatsink fan speed but that is not possible.

So, like others have said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.