Question Should i upgrade from intel i3 530 @2.93 ghz to i5 750 @2.67 ghz ?


Jan 29, 2014
hi guys,

i have a 12 year old computer with intel i3 530 @2.93 ghz hyper threading (in a dh55tc motherboard), and i just got a 12 year old computer from my nephew with intel i5 750 @2.67 ghz (no hyper threading) in a dp55wg motherboard.

i wanted to know if i can put the i5 instead of the i3 in the dh55tc motherboard? will if fit with no problems?

and also, is the i5 stronger then the i3? since it doesn't have hyper threading, and its speed is 2.67ghz vs the 2.93ghz of the i3?
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