Question Should I upgrade from my 3060 to a 6700xt?


Apr 29, 2016

I am currently playing at 1080p and using a rtx 3060 and a ryzen 5 5600. May upgrade to 1440p in the future but not anytime soon (1-2 years)

I purchased my GPU for $350 CAD used 3-4 months ago. I put my 3060 on FB marketplace to see what I can get since I saw a good deal on an rx 6700 xt for $500 CAD (560 tax in).

Someone is actually offering me $420 for my rtx 3060, so I would only be paying 160 tax in out of pocket + another $35 because I need new cable extensions for this new gpu (mine are good for lower wattage gpus, but some ppl say these ones have messed up their rtx 3080s so I would want to upgrade my cable sleeves for safety reasons too, leaving the cost at around $190 to upgrade.

Considering the circumstances and the fact I am making $70 profit off of my old gpu, Is it worth it if I don't really need this gpu for now but may need an upgrade in the near future [1-2 years]? I mainly play WoW + CS GO.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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I’ve got a 6700xt and it seems to do fine at 1440p. In a year or two maybe you have to dial down settings at that point? You may also look at a 6800xt for a bit more longevity. But I’m happy enough with my card. A 6700xt should be somewhere between a 3060ti and a 3070.


6700xt isn't really much of an upgrade, even for 1440p, as the cpu will still be putting out roughly the same fps. You'll get a little more, or get a little more eye candy in some games, but others will be very little difference.

Whether that's worth the C$160 ish is upto you to determine. And a good 650w psu is advised, whereas the 3060 does just fine on a good 550w psu.
I’ve not used a 3060, but I used to have a 6600xt that I sold during the mining craze. Really it probably wasn’t a lot slower card than the 6700xt, close to 3060 I imagine. At 1080p the card was great. Never got to try it on 1440p. But the other guy has a point, you’ll be out more money so it’s up to you. The other consideration is amd just announced new high end cards today. Probably in a few months we’ll know more about their new mid range. In the USA I’ve already seen some 6900xt cards under 700 for sale from Newegg. So in a few months maybe you can get a new 7000 series mid range card, or maybe a high end 6000 series goes on sale.