Should I upgrade my Haswell rig or buy a new Coffee lake rig

May 27, 2018
Currently, I'm using the following rig:
i3 4160, H81M-DGS, 12Gb DDR3 RAM, ASUS GTX 950 2Gb.
I'm planning to upgrade it, as the upcoming game like Battlefield V will clearly make it unplayable.
Sadly I can't spend more than 400 dollars, and buying an Coffee lake rig will cost me an arm and a leg (new CPU, new mainboard, new DDR4, new VGA) so the question is:

Should I upgrade the current rig with a more powerful Haswell CPU like i5 4750 or an i7 Haswell (and whether an i7 is more efficient in playing upcoming game?) along with a new VGA like Gtx1060 3Gb?
How does that rig compare with a coffee lake rig using i3 8100 and H310 mainboard in gaming?
Another question, shoud I wait for the new gen of NVIDIA gpu like 1160? Thanks.



Jan 22, 2010
i would hold off till next year. first off china is looking into vendors for ram price fixing. if found out the cost of ram may drop a lot. next is wait for the next intel cpu and mb chipset. then look at there i3 4 core unit and ram.


Jul 24, 2017
I have just recently upgraded from a Haswell system (i7 4790S, 16GB DDR3, GTX 1060) to my new Ryzen system (Ryzen 1700X, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1060). So let me give you some of my opinion and facts.

Haswell is an outdated platform, and has many drawbacks for newer games and components. If you do buy a GTX 1060 for your Haswell system, then you will not be able to get the full power of the GPU due to the CPU bottlenecking it.

Haswell uses DDR3, and that is also not great for today's standards. Although DDR4 is a tad expensive, it is worth the upgrade.

Even if you did upgrade your Haswell system, it will most likely be outdated again by next year. What I would recommend is to gather enough money and spend it on an up-to-date, brand new system. Not only will you be able to play newer games (like Battlefield V), but you won't have to upgrade your system for a long time. It's worth the money (and time to get the money), believe me.

As for investing into an GTX 1180/2080/1160/whatever, I can't really have an opinion on that. It hasn't been revealed yet, and obviously has no reviews on it. I'm considering getting one as it supposedly will release in July 2018 (my birthday haha), but we'll just have to wait and see.

Hope this helped you out!
-Lachlan :)

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