Question should i upgrade my i7 9700K


Jun 17, 2015
Hello, my bank is making a really good promo for the upcoming days. Up to 25% of discount if you buy from amazon starting on may 29 to june 6. Currently i have a i7 9700K with a rtx 3090. I can play games without problems but i dont know if it is a good time to upgrade my build or just wait. I most of the time play on 4k and get around 90 fps.
If the current system is meeting your needs, no need to change.
No matter how cheap or what 'promo' you're getting.

^I have to agree.

OP, 90 FPS at 4K is pretty good results. Some of the new games use ridiculous amounts of VRAM, RAM, and CPU, but they can be troublesome even on the newest hardware.

The new Intel CPUs that have both P and E cores are a pretty decent jump from what you have, but you wouldn't make use of it much unless you bumped up to one of the new beast GPUs, which IMO are overpriced and oversized.

Between the economy the way it is right now, the high price of PC components (especially processor based ones), and the horrible condition PC games are releasing in, it's really not a good time for a new PC build or even a major upgrade.

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That said, if you have the itch and the budget, I say scratch it.
Current gen processors will simply feel quicker.

Pretty much this. I ran with my 7700k/1080 Ti for 4 years... but with my 10900k/3090 for only 2 years.

Had the itch and the budget... and a big reason I upgraded after only 2 years was because I could still get a decent price in selling my old stuff... and I did which helped offset some of the new parts. Something I learned prior to the 10900k build because with the exception of the 1080 Ti I couldn't give the parts away from that 7700k system after 4 years.