Question Should i upgrade my laptop or buy a new one? (Need to run revit 2022)

Mar 22, 2021
I need to run Revit 2022 and see that i barly meet the minimum requirements


I currently have Dell XPS 15 Infinity (9570) Core i5 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6"

I5-8300H 2.3 GHz
ram 8 GB 2,666 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB

Should i upgrade my laptop or just buy a new one? Or is it good enough? From previous experiences i have noticed that minimum requirements dosent preforme well at all. can i mabye just upgrade the ram and cpu and if so what should i upgrade too? Sorry for my bad english :p Thx for answers


The actual "requirement" of these types of software is highly dependent on the models you regularly work with. That's a highly variable answer from user to user.

Just use Revit on your current laptop, I'd say it's plenty good. If it works it works. If it doesn't, come on back and we can figure out what to do (about the only performance improving upgrade you can do is to add RAM). Aside from the time required to install the software (minimal), it's a free test (pretty sure they offer a 30 day free trial). Regardless, the license is owned by YOU. Although you can only run a single-user license on one machine [at a time], changing laptops (if your current laptop isn't up to snuff) isn't going to invalidate your license.
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