Question Should I upgrade my pc or buy a laptop?

May 18, 2019
So, I recently passed my diploma and I have atleast 3 months before the engineering college starts. Also I'm a gamer so want to enjoy my vacation playing games (no esports).
So, I was thinking to upgrade my pc as it's total crap right now but then my friend suggested me that I'm going to buy a laptop anyway when I'm going to college so why not buy a decent spec laptop right now and save on the pc which I won't be using since I'll be staying out of town where having a pc is not a viable option. So is it okay to spend some buck now to enjoy and then again spend money to buy a laptop or just buy a new laptop altogether and game on it.

After such a detailed explanation what do you think should be a good choice.

My current pc
A8 7600 APU 3.4 Ghz 4 core 4 threads
Asus A68hm-k fm2+ mobo
4gb of ddr3 1333 ram (2x2)
No dedicated gpu (yes I'm still a gamer with igpu)

My future thought of upgrade
Add a GT 1030
8gb of ddr3 1866mhz ram (remove current 4gb as mobo only has 2 slots).
Total cost of upgrade - $150

My laptop (yet to buy) specs

I5 8th gen
GTX 1050TI
8gb Ddr4 2666mhz.
Total cost of laptop - $1000
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How you want to spend your money is up to you.

With that out of the way, if the laptop you're considering has those specs then it'll likely have better gaming performance than even your potentially upgraded PC. Most here will advise against spending more money on that PC because there's not much more performance you can gain from it.
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