Question Should i upgrade my processor?


Nov 13, 2017
I currently have a Intel i9 7900x and I mostly just do gaming. I have 48 gb of ddr4 corsair vengeance pro ram, asus tuff mark2 x299 motherboard, asus geforce gtx 1080 8gb rog strix oc edition, Samsung 970 evo pro m.2 ssd drive 1gb, corsair H110i v2 liquid cooler.

Just wondering if there is a faster processor that will perform better. I realize most of its over kill but it's my hobby project I'm not exactly trying to be economical I don't mind spending money on it. So that being said is there a better option for a cpu and also is there a better gpu that would be worth it to upgrade t ok where it's a noticeable difference? Please don't be a hater and just tell me I don't need all that, that's like telling a car enthusiast you don't need all that horsepower in your mustang. I just want to build the fastest pc I can and try to sort of keep up with newly released technology.
I’d look at getting a 2080ti and playing at 2k(1440p). Once you go above 1080p, the CPU means very little in FPS. You changing that CPU at this point would net maybe 3% improvement at most at 2k. A 2080ti is a pretty good improvement over a standard 1080.
the 7900X is hardly a slouch in anything...; if adequately cooled, it is capable of 4.5-4.7 GHz on all cores, and will give most any other processor a run for it's money. (Given it's $1000 cost, I'd stand pat for 2 years, likely the time it takes Intel to field a suitable replacement.... :) )


May 16, 2017
yes you could always get 9900ks or that 1099$&$£" whatever intel is calling its 10th gen i9 chip with all core 5ghz boost, ofcourse you will need a new motherboard to go with it and that super 2080ti and can even run it in SLI upgrade NVlink.

will you see difference in games ? YES, is the difference worth the upgrade? YES and NO
-Yes if you running it all in 4K max the NVlink in some games should give you a lot more FPS as much as 40% fps increase and in some games and it should be about 5-8fps in others. 1440p and 1080 you wouldnt see a whole lot of difference.
-NO coz, i mean yes new mustang got 40 more horses but you can only see the difference when you run your old one and the new one side by side on a drag strip. oww and you can brag about it.

all this is if you only play game, ONLY PLAY them, you not streaming, editing just playing them as thats the only place intel is better now. otherwise make an AMD build intel is a lost cause now TBH.
Dec 8, 2019
Buy some Quadro RTX 4000 if you want an overkill GPU for rendering, also you can upgrade your CPU to AMD Epyc which have 64 Core, not sure if it's compatible for normal PC or server only.