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Question Should I upgrade my PSU?

Jun 20, 2020

I am planning to upgrade my pre-built pc and I need to know if my PSU needs to be upgraded too.

Current specs:
CPU: A4 6300
GPU: 8370D
MOBO: FM2A58M HD+ R2.0
RAM: 1x4gb zeppelin 1333mhz
PSU: Orion 600 Watt (I don't know what model)
CASE: Orion TBJ - 1704 Blue Casino ATX

What I'm planning to upgrade to:
CPU: Xeon 1230
GPU: Rx 470/560/570/GTX 750 TI
MOBO: H61 Motherboard
RAM: 2x4gb Kingston 1600mhz
PSU: ???
CASE: The same one
The power you need is mainly determined by the graphics card you will use.
For example, a RX570 will usually need an 8 pin pcie power connector.
If your Orion 600w psu does not have that connector, and you want a RX570, plan on a new psu.

OTOH, a card like the GTX750ti requires minimal power and runs on slot power only.
It does not need any aux power and you should be fine with the Orion psu.

Orion is not a name brand and a psu that comes with a case is often junk so I might consider replacing it regardless.