Should I upgrade my Quadro k600

Jan 18, 2019
So long story short i was able to get a free pc workstation from work that was used for CADD. Xeon processor, SSD, 16G RAM and a K600 GPU running Win10. For the price i can't beat it(FREE). My dilemma now is that we intend to use the computer for 2 main tasks; lightroom and some light gaming. While im not concerned with the photo editing side, the gaming where I'm noticing some limitations.

I stick to turn-based and sim games so im not looking for 60 fps. I play at 1080 and im just looking to get near 30 fps. my current games are Total War: Warhammer and Planet Coaster. on those i average roughly 15-17 fps on medium-low settings. Not unplayable but mildly irritating.

So onto the big question. if my budget is sub $100, should i upgrade the K600? will a low end gpu give me any significant or noticeable improvements?

Any advice is appreciated!




The K600 is roughly equivalent to a Geforce GT620, a very low end card. Only really suitable for providing basic graphics and multi-monitor support.

For sub $100, you can look at GT1030 or RX550.

EVGA has some refurbs:

Though that price isn't super competitive if you take mail in rebates into account. Newegg has similar ones for $70.

There are a few RX550 out there for under $100, but mostly the 2GB version which is quite a bit slower than the 4GB version (different GPU core counts)

On the used market you might be able to find older GTX950 and GTX960 for under a hundred.

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