Question Should i upgrade or build a new pc?


Jun 19, 2015
hey all ...I've had my PC for almost 3 years now and I'm wondering if i need to upgrade it yet or not. The only things i can think of that would need to be upgraded is either my CPU or GPU.
rite now I have a
mob:-gigabyte h110m-ds2 and
Intel core I7-6700 non k.

ram:-HyperX FURY 16GB

Should i upgrade either one of these? And if not when should I?

ty :)


Feb 16, 2019
no need to upgrade yet. Applications are just barely, for the most part, using more than 4 cores. for gaming it's still a fast CPU and you'll be fine for the time being and the1080 is a perfect match. that'll still be a good gaming PC for some time


Does it really matter that your PC is 3, 5 or even 7 years old if it does everything you need to do done in a timely and satisfactory manner? If you have to ask whether you should upgrade, the answer is most likely no.

My to upgrade is when I start feeling like I'm frequently hitting brick walls of some sort. For games, this would be when no amount of tweaking can get me the minimum frame rate and detail I want. Still mostly fine on my i5-3470, curious to see if Ryzen 3600 will deliver enough performance per buck to tempt me this year.
Mar 5, 2019
Whether or not it's "time to upgrade" depends largely on what you're doing.

Do you do a lot of video editing or do you edit a lot of RAW hi-res photos? If so, moving to 32 gb ram would be noticible. If not, 16 gb is fine.

Do you game at 4k? If you game at 4k, adding another GTX 1080 and running SLI can give a HUGE boost to 4k gaming, especially when the game supports it and scales well with SLI. Not all do. If games you play scale well with SLI and you play at 4k, then adding a 2nd 1080 would be worthwhile. Otherwise, no.

The CPU is fine unless you're editing video for money and time is an issue, you would want to move to a more modern higher core count CPU. If not, then what you have is fine.

Regardless of WHAT you're doing, upgrading your old spinning magnetic platter hard drives with Solid State drives (SSD's) is ALWAYS a worthwhile upgrade. Now that you can get 1 TB name-brand SSD's for $150 (or LESS, WOO HOO), the move is WELL worth the cost. If you're on regular hard drives now, chuck em in the garbage and upgrade. I have 4 systems currently running, and they ALL have SSD's in them of varying sizes, mostly 500gb and 1 TB jobs. I don't run a single mechanical hard drive anymore, even this laptop I'm on now has a 500GB M.2 drive and a 1 TB EVO 860. I PROMISE you, this is the upgrade you want to make immediately if you haven't yet.


Jun 16, 2013
I agree with the above users and especially the one above saying getting an SSD for your OS if you don't already have one is paramount and WAY more beneficial than upgrading from an already good 6th gen i7 cpu and 1080 gpu setup.

I've been very tempted personally as well to grab up a 1tb or maybe even 2tb ssd these days to throw a bunch of commonly played games on :D the 2tb ssd I've seen on sale for the same price or very very very slightly more than my 250gb samsung 840 cost nearly 6 years ago in 2013