Question Should i upgrade to a new or continew with the cheap upgrade

Jul 8, 2022
I have an i3 4170 , 2X4 gb ram , mini itx motherboard and thinking to upgrade it but if i have to buy new gen processor then i would have to buy the ram , psu , gpu , so is it ok if i buy an i5 4th gen or any of the 4th gen to save some cash or should i buy a gpu gtx 1060 6gb and i have a 250 watt psu any hints plz
Not enough information.

The 4170 was introduced 7 years ago. Socket 1150. Dual core, 4 threads. Quite weak by today's standards.

What is your budget?

Where are you?

What are the shortcomings of your current PC? Why are you unhappy with it?

Must you stay with mini-ITX?

Is this purely for gaming or do you use the PC for some other purposes?
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250w psu won't support Any gpu requiring an external pcie. It'll only support socket power gpus.

Moving to a quad core would be a general benefit, but exactly how much benefit will change depending on the loads. CSGO wouldn't see much of any change, GTA-V would see quite a bit. Windows wouldn't care at all.
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