Should I use 1050Ti with i7 8700K or 1060 6GB?

May 28, 2018

So what should i get with the i7 8700k the 1050 ti or the 1060 6gb?
For a gaming PC, the GPU is much more important than the CPU. Most modern midrange CPUs will be very similar in performance. But moving up a tier or two in GPUs can have a significant impact.

A 1050ti is a budget GPU and a 8700k is the top end CPU. For a gaming rig, it would be best to get a lesser CPU and use the money saved on a better GPU. I would say get a 2600 which is more than half the price of the 8700k and pair it with a 1060 (you may even be able to get a 1070 with the price saving). A system with a 2600 and a 1060 will get better fps than a system with a 8700k and a 1050ti. And for a gaming rig, fps is what matters.

And if you have to have Intel, then look at the 8400 as a cheaper alternative that will be more balanced to pair with a budget to mid range GPU.