Should I wait until the Nvidea April new GTX release to purchase a gaming PC?


Apr 4, 2016
I'm in the market for a mid level gaming desktop and have been scouring for a good deal. But I keep seeing threads about Nvidea releasing a new card in April.
Should I wait till then to see how this is going to affect GPU prices or does it even not matter?

I'm not in a rush to buy one and rather wait till a major sale comes around..


Since you're willing and able to wait. go ahead and do so. You may be able to get in on a pre-order when they are about to come out and save some cash before the cryptocurrency miners cause the price to inflate too badly. It will require some patience and scouring of sellers to find the best deal, not unlike what you have to do now if you have to get a GPU now and not pay through the nose.
Nobody knows what is coming.
New products will sell for their current price/performance value.
If the very high end is stronger than a GTX1080ti, then expect to pay a big price premium.

My thought is if you have a need now, buy now.
To hedge your bet, I see two strategies:

1. Buy a Intel based system and use the integrated graphics for a while.
You will get a better idea of how strong your graphics needs to be.

2. Buy a modest card some three tiers less than what you think you need. Perhaps a GTX1050ti.
Make it a EVGA card so you have 90 days to return it to EVGA for full credit on a stronger card.
Read the fine print on the EVGA web site.

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