[SOLVED] Should this bottleneck cause blue screen?

Oct 18, 2021
My brother has a B450 Aorus Elite board paired with a Ryzen 5 1600. (super old, I know) He says that this couple needs a dedicated graphics card because the micro does not have integrated graphics and the board does not have video chipset.
With on-board video it doesn't run at all, why is this happening?
So he bought a really really cheap graphics card, now it runs, but it gets the infamous BLUE SCREEN from time to time... why?
What would be the best way to solve this? (upgrade or downgrade is acceptable)
AMD CPU’s do not have integrated graphics, you need one of their APU’s if you want to use an integrated graphics setup. These have a G in the CPU/APU name, for example 5700G.

A ‘bottleneck’ cannot cause blue screens or any other issues.

What is the full pc spec?
Have you done a fresh installation of Windows?
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