Should This PSU be enough for my i7 3820?


Feb 13, 2012
I had a corsair PSU that was 850 watts, it recently died after i ordered my new setup.

First off i was running a FX-8120, but i disliked it immensely. I have been a AMD fan boy for a long time. But i have to face the facts that the Intel Lineup decimates it.

So recently i ordered a i7-3820 CPU along w/ a Asus p9 x79 Pro motherboard. I was using air for the CPU cooler for the 8120. I decided to go w/ a h80 to cool the 3820.

I get all the parts in, and i am about to setup the 3820 to find out when i open the H80 box the cord was not attached to the pump. So i did a RMA on it. I should be getting it tomorrow.

During this time, my corsair PSU died on me, very sad. So until i get paid, (which is in about 2 weeks). I cant get another PSU. I have as a back up.

My whole system will look like :

Corsair H80
Asus X79 Pro
4 x 4gb of Ripjaw ram
120gb Mushkin Chronos SSD
Seagate Barracuda 750gig HD
HD 6950
A external WD 2TB HD

I know it is a horrible PSU, it ran my 8120. I bought the corsair PSU used from a friend who upgraded his comp. I got a few good months out it. I only paid 20 dollars for it.

I was wondering, if it would work. I do not want to hurt my CPU or board from there not having enough power. Also i want to see if the components i have work before the 30 days run out.

thank you all in advance for your advice.
Well it should serve you well for a couple of months, but this PSU is a complete Chinese garbage (as said on newegg's feedback) and blown up with many users after a little short time, so don't depend on it.


Oct 12, 2011