Question Should Windows Feature (TCP Port sharing) be disabled by default in Windows 10? Just checked to see it's been enabled? Hacked?


Jan 1, 2012
Hi all,

I have just been checking the Windows features and noticed that the (TCP Port Sharing) has been enabled but after doing some searches I have read that it should be disabled by default and needs to be enabled by the admin of that computer so I am starting to worry that I may have been hacked again.
Would the kind TH community help me with this matter and let me know if I should disable it and then check to see if I have been hacked and had other things changed in my system that will help them gain more access to my PC.
Any help and advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
It is disabled by default but you could have run something that turned it on.

It does not matter as long as the port is not forwarded on your router. It tends to get that feature to work even when you do it intentionally.