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Oct 31, 2011
I loved this ap in the past. One of my updates made it disappear from my tool bar, so I coulden't use it easily. I thought it was GONE FOREVER. How do I get it back in an easy to find (and use) location? ps I am computer illiterate- so make it "easy for fools" to understand and follow. Thanks in advance.

1) Download the HP Bing Bar.
2) Click a Button to Activate.

Here's the Link:

Ok, Blondie ! LOL !

Step1. Click on this link

Step2. On left where it say "Two easy steps....
First you need the Bing Toolbar. Click on Download here.
But don't leave that site just yet.

After the toolbar is installed
Click the button on the site that says Activate Smart print now

You should now have the Bing toolbar on IE and the smart print. Refresh your browser or close and reopen the browser.