Question Shut downs while gaming

Jan 25, 2021
So my pc keeps shutting off about 20 minutes into any game. Ive had it to my repair guy for power supply upgrades and anytime its running at his place it does fine, but when it comes back to my home it shuts off again. Any idea if this is pc or home wiring related?
FIrst steps would be to identify if chosen PSU might be inadequate for load, such as running a 450 watt marginal no-name PSU with a 2080Ti, etc...(not all PSU's claimed wattage ratings are accurate, and many slap on names like Gold or Platinum but cannot handle even being run at 60-75% load continuous....)

Then you'd want to check the temps of both GPU and CPU under a full /adequate loading of each...(sometimes BIOS settings will authorize a shutoff if certain temps are reached, so search for those settings to disable them so you can at least check /observe temps before a shutdown)

Lastly, some homes power fluctuates enough to cause a partial brownout when central air/heating turn on, or a clothes washer starts up, etc...; if on a UPS, bypass it. If not on a UPS, perhaps you can borrow one of adequate wattage one to see if it helps