Shuttle X1 Mini PC Review: This Tiny Gamer Packs Pep

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Nov 21, 2014
Now I hope they take the bottom assembly of this, hook it up to a board with a TB3 controller and port (maybe plus a couple of USB ports and Ethernet), stick it in a chassis half the height, and sell it as the market's smallest upgradeable eGPU box.

Pretty please?


Mar 18, 2010
I don't understand the allure or pricing when I can get a similar (if not more powerful) laptop for same or less money. And it comes with a screen! And while I can't easily build a machine this small, I can get awfully close with OTS parts for far less out of pocket. I like that they are trying to advance the market, but the pricing needs to come way down or offer some true value add.


Aug 11, 2014
How does this compare to a Hades Canyon NUCs? Seems like it is bit expensive compared to these options (even with SSD+RAM added expenses) for less GPU.
I'm not sure I understand some of these SFF systems. This thing is equipped identically to a number of laptops, and costs more, but with the laptops you get a screen and a battery. Conceivably you could get the laptop (like a Predator Helios 300) and an external monitor for the same price, get your own keyboard and mouse, and achieve exactly the same thing, except you'd have a laptop that you can take on the road with you and use at Starbucks or wherever there is Wi-Fi. Most of these aren't great value for performance or features.
This device is interesting for what it is, but ultimately it's just mid-tier gaming laptop hardware fitted inside a compact case. Just like a laptop, the potential for future upgrades is going to be limited, but unlike a laptop, it lacks an integrated screen, battery or input devices, so it can't be used on it own. It always needs to be tethered to an external display, keyboard and pointing device, and plugged into an outlet when in use. The portability loses a lot of its value when the device is designed to primarily sit in one place and not get moved.

And compared to gaming laptops, this Mini PC is quite expensive for the hardware you get. It's around $1400, while better equipped laptops can be found for hundreds of dollars less. Just a brief search turns up an MSI laptop at Newegg for $1150 ($1050 after rebate), with the same CPU and the same amount of RAM, but with a 6GB 1060 and a much more usable 512GB SSD. Plus, you get an integrated 15.6" display, SteelSeries backlit keyboard, trackpad, speakers, DVD burner, webcam, and a battery, allowing the device to be used anywhere. Sure, it will take up a bit more desk space, although once you add a keyboard to the Shuttle X1, any size advantage it has will be negated.

I suppose it could fit a little better into a home theater environment though, where it's going to stay connected to a television and be used with wireless peripherals. Unless you are completely starved for space though, you could undoubtedly get more performance with desktop hardware for less.
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