Shuttle XPC CPU Cooler performance?


May 27, 2012
I am looking to build a couple of PCs purely for rendering and I wanted to use a MiniITX cases simply because I want the computers to be compact and they will only be using the CPU and a very low powered graphics card (like a GT 630) to take the graphics load off the processor when rendering the 3D viewport. I like the Shuttle cases because they have CPU coolers built into the case, and it looks like a good one, as opposed to using either a low profile cooler or a water cooling system which is more expensive but I'm wondering if anyone knows how good the in-built cooler is? I'm going to use an Intel 2600k processor in each rendering computer, and they will be running at maximum load for most of their operating life, so I don't want the temperature to exceed 70-75 degrees.

I know from experience that the default Intel cooler is not enough (the temp exceeds 82 degrees at default clock speed) and my alternative plan was to use a slightly larger Silverstone case of similar design and a Zalman 8000b cooler (which seems to be the best and largest cooler that will comfortably fit into the case) to cool it, but I don't know exactly how good that is at cooling a 2600K at full load either, but it seems to be my best option without resorting to a water cooler. Also, I won't be overclocking the CPUs much, if at all, and if I do I definitely won't be overvolting.

If anyone has any answers, tips or alternatives they would be greatly appreciated :)