side note


Apr 27, 2003
im kind of happy that things have started to pick up in the gfx industry.... its been pretty boring with the scandals. just hope cpu picks up too.. pretty boring till prescott and 64 are on the street


I dunno if it's gonna pick up yet. The Detonator 50s are the real line of life here.

I wanna see who's the expert who will use Photoshop to find out which color pixels are misplaced in a special mode to see that image quality is suffering! :smile:

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Actually expect that from ExtreTech and Beyond3D they will ikely have the first ones. People like Gabe don't need to do that. They don't do this to show off driver errors, just show of their games and show off the best way to play them (especially if the best way just happens to be the people you just partnered up with due to that same performance).

I would expect one of the typical 'let's take out our toolkit' reviewers to come up with that first, but I'd also expect that it will be a few weeks before we see any of those.

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