Question Sign-in Screen Flashes Three Times on Microsoft Xbox App ?


Mar 6, 2019
When I try to sign into the Xbox App on my Windows 10 computer, I see a small window flash three times then go away. Here is a screencap video of what happens:

Similarly, if I just run Flight Simulator directly, when I see the "Press Any Key" screen and press any key or click the mouse, I see a small window (what is probably a signin screen) flashing three times, then it goes back to the "Press Any Key" screen. Here is a screencap video of what happens:

In both cases, I NEVER SEE A LOGIN FORM, so any suggestions to reset my password or change accounts will not help.

Also, please note that...
But these solutions do not help. Here is why, in order by solution.
  • I never see a signin screen
  • I checked and Set Time Automatically is already Enabled
  • I tried removing my Microsoft account and signing in as a local user, then signing in again with my regular login, and it did not help.
Software Versions:
  • I am using Xbox Version 2101.1001.5.0
  • Windows is Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.746). It updates automatically.
Anyone else have this problem? Can anyone at Microsoft help? I sure would appreciate some more things to try.

Thank you.