Signal Over Range


Oct 7, 2011
So i was at a friends as he was installing the new nvidia drivers when the computer removed the old ones it immediately shut off without any prompts. On startup now after the windows load screen it goes blank displaying signal over range...fixes ive tried safe mode,vga mode,system restore,reset bios, reseated card, unplugged monitor checked all connections. The card is a 9800gtx+ never overclocked also swapped it out with a 2900xt just to check if it was the card same results def not the card. From what ive found on the internet id say its one of two things 1. wrong screen resolution which as far as i know theres no way to change it without booting into windows 2. card switching from 3d to 2d mode on startup causing voltage problems. Im leaning toward problem 1 i have him installing a new power supply to eliminate that problem btw its a antec 480w plenty of power for the card. operating system is win7 64 ultimate. seems to me this is a monitor issue makes no sense to me as he has used this for over 6 months and with plenty of reformats/reinstalled drivers... he just informed me that he is reformatting but im thinking its not gonna fix it.....any one have a fix


Sep 8, 2009
it means the computer is using 640X480 and the monitor does not support this resolution. you can do a few things, upon start up after the bios hit F8 untill you get the menu and select disable VGA option. that might get you into windows. if it does not then the easiest way to fix this would be to plug the system into an old CRT screen that can handle such a small resolution. another option is to install another video card and maybe windows will force a 800X600 res with its default driver. another option would be to boot into safemode and see if it runs at 800X600, if it does then you can manually change the resolution by doing a registry edit and that will save upon the next system startup.

ive had this happen to me before both in full screen games and upon boot. i keep a 15" CRT monitor in the garage to plug it into when such things happen. i dont think a single one of my LCD screen supports a 640X480 res, some don't even do 800X600.