Question Signal to monitor keeps disappearing.


Feb 11, 2019
So I've been out of town for little over a month and haven't used my pc in that time. Since then after about 30min of use my monitor will go black for about 1 minute, then work for about 2 seconds before going to black again, after that it sort of just flashes on and off. When I restart I have about 30 minutes of use before this happens again.
I pulled out my graphics card and am now using the video card on my motherboard. So after that I thought that it was my gpu that was failing, but the problem still persist, but only after about 5 hours of use now.
The pc is running and there is still power to the monitor, it's just the picture that disappears. Also It doesn't seem to matter what I use it for, be it gaming or just streaming. How can I know if it's my motherboard that is faulty or my psu? Or could it be some options in my bios? I've had my pc randomly die on me before I turned off the turbo option in the bios

intel core i7 4790k 4.00ghz
Maximus VII Ranger
Asus geforce gtx 970
corsair tx650m
To me it looks like your monitor is dying. Easy enough to check it - connect the monitor to other device (does not have to be PC) and see if problem persists. Also connecting other display (like TV) to your PC can help determine if any other components might be causing this.