Question Significant backlight bleed and IPS glow on LG Ultragear 24GN650-B ?

Aug 10, 2022
Recently bought an LG Ultragear 24GN650-B monitor and noticed it had significant backlight bleed, IPS glow, and the monitor's colors lean to the much warmer side even after I played around with gamma and the color profile, The panel is also very glossy/reflective which is odd.

As of right now, I don't know how much backlight bleed is acceptable, because some degree of backlight bleed is inevitable in 144 hz IPS monitors. I don't know if the degree of backlight bleed is normal for a monitor like this or not.

When gaming I don't notice the bleed much (although I am bothered by the colors being so warm) but when I am sitting on my sofa a few feet away trying to watch TV or media the backlight bleed is very significant and is noticeable in dark (even very slightly dark) scenes.

should I return the monitor? Here are a few pics showing the issue:

Watching TV a few feet away:

This is the monitor side by side with my other 60 hz IPS monitor: