Question Significant electrical noise through speakers with new ASUS Maximus Hero z790 ?


Dec 29, 2013
I’m setting up an i9 13900k on an ASUS Maximus Hero z790 and I’m getting a lot of electrical noise through my speakers. The audio setup is exactly the same as on my previous setup - I use an external USB audio interface. I tried swapping power supplies and the problem remains. I also tried running without the GPU card installed and that also had no effect. The problem is the same regardless of whether the audio interface is connected, so it seems the motherboard/CPU is generating some kind of RF noise that is juicing my audio cables going to the speakers. Again, the audio setup is exactly the same as it was with my previous computer that did not have this issue. I’ve swapped the machines a couple times to confirm.

The motherboard works fine otherwise. Note that I’m not overclocking anything. Also, the noise is worst under high CPU/GPU load, for example when running the Blackmagic 8k speed test. So I’m guessing it’s related to power handling/transmission on the board.

Has anyone run into this issue and found a solution? I’m guessing this is just a noisy motherboard. Maybe the higher power on 13th gen means it’s just a fact of life.