Silverston FP34 card reader


Dec 11, 2009
Hello all,

Hopefully You guys can help me out with my little problem here. Initially I had a Foxconn front panel that I was very happy with but it didn't have any card readers so I picked up a silverstone FP34 from the local computer place (Microcenter) and proceeded to install it. Well, one thing after another the audio ports on the front of this thing just flat don't work. I looked on their website for guidance and Pffft there isn't much there to help out really. Any of you guys have any experience and advice to offer so I can get this thing up and running. I've pinned it out and found out that there are alot of things that didn't seem to match what the tech info is on their website. The motherboard I'm hooking this to is a Gigabyte GA-X38-DS4. I want to keep it as HD audio which the Foxconn did. I could do it as AC97 but then it won't go dead. Because I want to speakers to go dead when I hook a headphone to it. Thanks guys.