SilverStone Releases SX700-LPT, SFX-L At Platinum Efficiency

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"What we find unacceptable at this price point, however, is the limited warranty"

Bingo. Fwiw, a 3 year warranty might be expected of a mediocre or cheap psu. Not so much a $170 platinum unit, regardless if its SFF or not.


Sep 14, 2013
Is the fan size really such a big problem? Most PSU's these days have adjustable fan speeds or even switch them off entirely at lower temperatures.

I've never encountered a system where the PSU was the noisiest component (ignoring faulty fans) as most cases isolate the PSU anyway so it's responsible for its own cooling only and gets little heat from other components. As long as your other cooling is sufficient a PSU like this shouldn't get very hot in the first place.

You're only really likely to run into issues IMO if you flip the PSU to use it as an exhaust fan (i.e- it's fan pulls hot air out of your case, rather than drawing cool air from outside), but that's usually to get around bad case design in which case you're likely to have louder components than the PSU.

I dunno, just doesn't seem like a big enough deal to me; I'm perfectly happy with the noise levels of an SFX PSU with 92mm fan, and I tend towards building for quiet over performance. Hell, I've had 40mm fans running at 6,000 rpm that are still very quiet (if a tiny bit shrill) so the size isn't necessarily an issue, it's the quality of the fan and how it's being used.

Plus, like others a 3 year warranty for me is a deal-breaker; I don't buy PSUs with less than a 5 year warranty anymore.
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