Question Silverstone SG13 or Thermaltake Core V1?


Mar 25, 2018
For context, I rehoused my system in The Phanteks Ethoo Evolv ITX, however, cooling my graphics card has become a seemingly insurmountable problem ever since I started using this case. I have tried everything from adding more fans, adjusting where the fans are, adjusting fan curves, getting an SFX power supply, changing my radiator configuration, and even took a Dremel to my case's front panel trying to fix this and nothing seems to work. So... I'm looking for other options. Moreover, I do not think that this is an issue from my GPU, considering it ran good temps prior to the re-casing, but I'm open to conjecture.

I picked these two cases because they seem to facilitate airflow better than other ITX options. Likewise, they both support AIO's albeit restricted to 120mm ones (I have a 240mm AIO). I am looking for any insight into which one is better or if there is a better option out there because I am trying to eliminate this problem or at least mitigate enough to play the games I used to be able to.

My Build.
Mobo: Gigabyte AB350.
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600.
RAM: 16gb DDR4
GPU: Zotac Mini 1070ti
CPU Cooler: EVGA 240mm AIO
PSU: Corsair SF 600.

Thanks for reading - Logan.
I'd personally pick the Silverstone SG13. I've seen 2080Ti and (air cooled) Ryzen 3800X go into these (ask Linus Tech Tips how it turned out). The SG13 has a front air filter. I'm pretty much the V1 doesn't.

What's your cooling plan? The SG13 is more restrictive for air coolers (since it's a fair bit smaller) than the V1. But both support 120mm or 140mm AIOs.
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What temps are you getting?

I don't think neither of those options would be much better then your current case and that Phanteks will support more fans and larger coolers/AIOs. As for more fans just buy a fan hub if you motherboard doesn't have enough sys fan headers.


Nov 20, 2019
The V1 does have a dust filter on the front. Lots of great airflow. It's a great little cube. I was teetering as well between the sg13 and the core v1, and ultimately went with the V1 for future considerations and room to grow. I don't have temps to give you as a measure, but my system stays very cool. I use the stock cooler on my ryzen 5 2600.