Silverstone ST1000 opinions?


I recently got a Silverstone ST1000 Strider modular PSU for a favor done. I know that Falcon Northwest uses quite a few of these in their builds so I tend to believe they use them for a reason.

Before pulling my Cooler Master 750W (non modular, I hate cables), I was wondering if anyone has any good or bad opinions on the Strider series or if any current or past owners have their 2 cents worth?

SST-ST1000-G Evolution
Those are the Silverstone Stride 1000W Modular units that I know of. From your description I'm not exactly sure which one it is but I know that the last three are definitely good units and it's not very likely to be the first one as that is EOL.


So, do you think it's worth, based on the models listed above, that it would be worth the time to swap out my Cooler Master for the Silverstone? Is Silverstone superior to Cooler Master? The CM I have must be 2 years old +/-. I could crack the case and get the model if need be, I was just hoping to get a general idea first.
You can change it out as long as you know that operating a high power PSU in its inefficient low power range will probably consume more power than your current PSU operating in that low power range. The SilverStone will have a power conversion efficiency of less than 78% at 10% load whereas the CoolerMaster will be operating at over 80% power conversion efficiency.

That SilverStone PSU is also has 1.2 inches (or 30 mm) more depth than your current CoolerMaster PSU.