Question sim racing with VR


Nov 3, 2016
hello guys,

so recently i let my brother get me in to (sim) racing. he was playing f1 for a long team but my feelings were more heading towards the gt3/4 series. so decieded to get asseto corsa for the pc. and as many revieuws have already said. the game is amazing and i fell in love with it. so now after playing it for a while and watching a lot of yt vids about it, i am getting realy exicted about racing in VR. now i can get a used oculus rift for about 250 euro's. but now i was wondering if i'm only going to use it for racing, do i need to set up all the sensors and stuff? becouse then my desk will become really messy and i don't think that's worth it. and i couldn't find any helpfull threads or vids on the web. so i was hoping you guys could help me out.

(sorry for the bad grammar btw)

thanks in advance!

system specs:
asus prime x470-pro
amd ryzen 2600X wraith
g skill aegis 3000, 16gb ram
corsair rm650X
gigabyte aorus geforce gtx 1080TI 11G


I use an Oculus for sim racing (Project Cars 2), and the sensors need to be setup. You also should try to isolate them from your wheel/pedals/shifter or anything that could cause impacts or vibrations. The sensors are basically reference points for the virtual "world" you are in, so vibrations and impacts on the sensors make the "world" move in ways you don't want.

That being said, IT'S WORTH IT. (Messy desk or not)

I wasn't thrilled about VR before I tried it because I thought it was just a screen on your face, but it's actually two screens that feed each eye a slightly different view and this creates legit-feeling depth perception. Far away is far away, and close is close (not just smaller vs bigger like on a flat screen). You can judge braking points more consistently, look through turns in a natural manner, and better check your surroundings in wheel-to-wheel racing. (Just to name a few benefits)

The immersion awesome.


Nov 14, 2006
I have the Oculus as well and have both Project Cars 2 and Asseto Corsa, the immersion is amazing, however.............
IMPORTANT! You can't use the Rift on Assetto Corsa UNTIL you have loaded the race. I.e whilst on the menus and loading settings etc you get no picture on the rift so you have to go through your settings first and load the game, THEN place your headset on. It's the same when the race finishes as well. Once it's finished the rift will go blank once the menus start appearing. I still highly recommend it though as it is simply awesome, you'll never go back to 2d when you've experienced this. One last thing it does cause a bit of motion sickness but it does improve with time.