Mar 10, 2005
I don't know a lot about network hardware. Here's what I want to do...have my computer, another computer and my xbox all together on a network with net access (actually the xbox just needs to be able to talk to the one computer, not the net). I also want the two computers to be able to share a printer. That part I can setup no problem, I have a 4 port router already from when I had roomates that works fine.

But where I get lost is now what I want to add on is the ability to setup a larger network for a possible small lan party <20 people. For the extra computers they just need to be able to talk to each other and being able to share files would be nice, they don't need to be able to get onto the net or access the printer (although it would be nice if they could in case someone had to download an update or something like that). I basicly want it setup so that it all runs the way it does now, but if I have people over to lan I can plug them in with minimal hassle.

Do I just need to pick up a 24 or so port switch and connect that after the router then plug everything into it or will it be much more complicated then that? Would a switch like this - be all taht I would need? Yes I'm aware I'll need lots of cables, yes I'm aware the net would be really slow if all the computers were using the net at once.


Sep 15, 2002
That switch would be fine. Just cascade it off your current router and plug all the other computers into it. They will recieve all the info they need for network access automatically from the router. They will most likely also be able to see shares and printers.

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