Simple Question about VisionTek GHZ Edition 7970


Oct 15, 2012
Greetings, I have been a silent reader here for a long time but my frustration with the lack of information on a particular graphics card has forced me out of silence.

I am want to buy a new video card for my system. The problem is that I have a CM Storm Scout case so I am limited, at the very most, to a card measuring 270mm (just a whisker over 10.6") in length.

I am torn between either the PowerColor 7970 V3 card or, what I would much rather have if it WILL indeed fit in my case,

What are the measurements of the VisionTek 7970 GHZ Edition graphics card? I cannot find them on NewEgg, TigerDirect, or even VisionTek's website!

I have gotten 3 different answers so far. One source says 264MM. The other two sources, which are both replies from VisionTek said "exactly 10.8 Inches" and another "11 Inches... maybe a tad more."

I found a card that measures 270MM in legnth that appears identical to the VisionTek 7970 GHZ addition here :

Are they in fact the same card?

Does ANYONE actually own the VisionTek GHZ Edition 7970 ?

Is VisionTek reading this and laughing at me?

I can't seem to find a lot of info on it, so if SOMEONE reading this owns the blasted thing can you please reply to this thread and give me a measurement?

Please advise.

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