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Ok I am just about ready to make the move to win2k. But I come across one small and very annoying problem every time other than when I cheat (tell you that later). Ok like all my installs I copy the entire works of the cabs files to the hard disk then run the install from there. I did it with the entire 9x series. But for some damned reason I have trouble doing it for win2k. I find myself unable to copy the long file names from the i386 folder. Even with xcopy useing the tags /S /E /V. Now seems it’s to only be a few files I run into during the install. When it tells you its copying files for the install it comes up with the unable to copy certain files I remember append.exe as being the first one the rest I am unsure of but its about 7 to 10 files that can’t come across, and with the logic of that the install will make it threw but will be ultra flaky in windows. But of course I can pull my drive out and smack the data across from someone else’s machine in a windows environment. It also does it when I run the setup from the Install disk (yes it is a legit copy). But I also noticed on the Microsoft Knowledge Base of some program that will convert the file name “8.3 naming conversion”. I have never heard of it and can’t seem to find anything on if someone knows about it that would be great. Well that about it any help would be super appreciated.


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Mar 25, 2001
It’s easier and faster to install when following standard procedure. Probably it’s not only on the MS site, but on the CD also??

After you enter the Product key, you use the Advanced Setup menu to choose to copy all your Setup files to your harddrive first. I believe you must choose the update option just for the purpose to get that menu. Anyway, the installation procedure along with useful links was posted not long ago.
Specify a different partition/drive, or change the name of the default folder.

We discussed that XCOPY issue along with DOS limitations, long names, 32-bit Windows environment some 4-5 days ago, didn't we? Don't remember the topic though.

And there're 8.3 naming, conversion and functionality issues.


Feb 6, 2001
Bootin from the Win 2K CD(any version) is the only way to fly. Its the best way to install, upgrade and repair. Once ya go there you'll never go back! You'll be makin Booable CD's for every System and OS ya have from then on...

Just drop in the CD and restart... thats all ya need and all options are available from there....

The biggest single hurdle is gettin your box to boot from CD. But from there its just plain smooth... and with anything better than a 30X cd reader its just about as fast as havin the files on disk...

Most Mobo's and Bios's have a boot sequence selection - and thats usually all thats needed. However some are a little more of a problem - like some Abit's, some won't boot from a CD attached to the secondary IDE(IDE2), or sometimes if the CD isn't the "Master". Fiiddle with your box till ya get it to boot from CD. Like, put in that Win2k CD, change the Bios boot sequence, and keep changin things till it blinks the CD and boots from it... All OEM Win2k CD's are bootable, and almost all CDROM readers since 94/95 are boot capable devices...

Plus, Bootin from CD makes sex so good even the neighbors will have a cigarette!