Simply, will this card work and is it worth the purchase


Jan 13, 2013
I'm looking to buy a new graphics card for gaming. Here are a few specs on my system
Radeon HD 6450
Intel 2nd Gen Core i5 2 i5-2390T / 2.7 GHz

Here's the rest of my system specs ( )

The new card I'm looking at right now is an AMD Radeon HD 7750 (1GB) heres a link:( )

1. My computer, according to that website only has a PCI express x16 and amazon says the 7750 is a PCI express 3.0 x16. So I am wondering what different? Will it Fit? Will it decrease performance? Is it worth the money? Should i get an Nvidia or different radeon? or should i just build my own custom computer?

i know its a lot to ask but im not exactly an expert as you can tell... :sweat: im open to any suggestions so feel free. im hoping to get a lot of helpful feedback. thanks =D