Sims 3 video card issue


Jul 15, 2009
Hello everyone. I have a Compaq Evo N610C that is giving me an error message when I try to play Sims 3. I bought the computer used last year and this is the first issue I have run into. I would like to find an inexpensive video card that will be compatible/run Sims 3. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
It seems your Compaq Evo N610C is a laptop (at least according to Google). You cannot upgrade the integrated video card. There is really no other solution other than to buy a new computer; desktop preferably so that you can do some minor upgrade.

In case Google gave me bad results and your Compaq is really a desktop, then you should consider a HD 4650 if the PSU is less than 300w or the HD 4670 if it is 300w or greater.