Question Since I reinstalled Windows I can’t connect to my WiFi


Feb 17, 2019
I reinstalled Windows 10 because of X reason and since I did it I have WiFi connection problems. Every time I connect to my WiFi it works for 10 seconds - 1 minute before disconnecting. The word thing is: Every other device on my house can connect to my WiFi (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.), and my PC can connect to every other network except for my WiFi. From my pc I can use my phone internet, WiFi from a friend’a house, etc., but can’t connect to my WiFi and only my WiFi on a stable way. Any ideas on how to solve it? I have never had this problem before.

During Windows 10 installation, I got asked to which internet connection I wanted to get connected by default, and I selected my WiFi Network. Maybe this helps to diagnose the problem.

Of course I have tried resetting the router, from both power supply and calling the internet provider, and I have also done network troubleshooting from my PC and I’ve restarted it numerous times.

Any ideas on how to solve it? Help would be really appreciated.
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