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News Singaporean Retailer Lists Purported Ryzen 3000 Pricing


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May 16, 2016
Singaporean retailer Bizgram listed prices and model names for the upcoming Ryzen 3000 series; these model names and prices follow very closely with the AdoredTV leak of last year. Read more here.


Matthew Connatser is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news.


Oct 8, 2004
I actually hope these leaked prices are incorrect, and are much lower! :p By the way, that Ryzen 5 3600X looks mighty tatsy at $258 US dollars. Definitely pulling for AMD to hit a home run with these new CPUs. If RAM and SSD prices continue to fall, and GPUs can follow suit (looking at you, NVIDIA), will be a heck of a time to build a mighty fine new system in the coming months.

Math Geek

i was actually thinking the ryzen 3 and 6/12 threads is pretty awesome at $130ish. that's little more than current i3 pricing for a ton more cpu.

but yah ryzen 5 at 8/16 for $230 is pretty great as well.


Oct 30, 2014
if they manage to hit near these prices and managed to increase the 1 weakness they had to intel intel would be hit massively (gotta hand it to amd for their performance increasing lately)


Nov 24, 2011
I for one an all over the 3600G. If true, you get a single CCX (?) module with 8 core guaranteed without have to hop between the Infinity fabric for larger loads. I imagine anything higher than the 3600G and some below with defective chiplets could have to hop which would reduce performance. Only way to really know is deluding a bunch of lower chips so see if they have two chiplets.


Oct 2, 2005
I for one have been buying flag ship processors for at least three decades now, and my last major CPU purchase was a 6 core Xeon at MUCH higher cost than what AMD is asking. If this leak is real I am putting a stop to that this year. I will be getting that 3850X on day 1, no and's if's or but's about it and I will be paying much less than I would normally, thanks to AMD. I want my systems to last me 4-5 years at minimum and preferably longer. X570 and the 3850X for me please.
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Apr 1, 2004
These prices Are pure fantasy... too early from the release. If the Ryzen is released 7.7 as Are rumored They will come to shops at autum or Late summer. So I Expect to see prices at earliest at the end of june or just when the card is released. We all did see how long before the release Radeon 7 price was released... Yep... it was the release day. Ryzen 3000 is not too much different. Also if you look how much cheaper Radeon 7 is compared to Nvidia... Yep, these prices has nothing to do with reality.
Most likely 8 core Ryzen 3000 will cost about the same as 8 core 2000 series was at the release. You get much faster new 8 core at the same price as the old. That is sensible. It will be still much cheaper than the Intel, and does make it possible to sell old 2000 series models at reasonable discount! Amd have to sell those too! Just like when Ryzen 2000 series was released the 1000 series was better for the bang for the buck!
The new 16 core version (if there Are those) could be douple or more expensive than old 2000 series were at the launch and still They would kill the Intel competition.


Feb 3, 2013
If AMD manage to hit the performance increases (logic, common sense + demo say yes - 7nm + architectural improvements), then they do have a lot of pricing headroom to play with and still provide the buyer with a no-brainer.

It's already confirmed that the space for the second chiplet will be taken up e.g. 16 cores, though for the second option (gfx), we all though Navi on-board would happen later as an option (the 2nd chiplet space does point to 7nm). The release date for each model in the final list will be interesting.
Jul 9, 2018
You know I live in Singapore myself and they did this with the 9th Gen a few months back. If I remember correctly the prices listed then we're lower than the actual price now and this is most likely just a copy from the previous leaks regarding Ryzen 3


here's to hoping this is even close to true. intel would have to do some serious changes to keep up with their catalog
Intel being perpetually out of stock on just about everything basically means Intel's CPUs are still priced lower than what the market is willing to bear. Unfortunately for the more cost-conscious would-be buyers, Intel has little to no incentive to improve its performance-per-buck proposition when it could jack up prices some more and still realistically expect to be sold-out on most SKUs.

Math Geek

that is very true and is what nvidia has been doing for years as well.

however, i thought intel's problem was a supply issue rather than things just selling better than expected? and that is what was causing prices to be higher than msrp?


however, i thought intel's problem was a supply issue rather than things just selling better than expected?
What supply problem? AFAIK, Intel's existing 14nm fabs are maxed-out to the point that Intel is having to out-source production of some chips and even start construction of a new 14nm fab to catch up with demand. Since it takes about two years to get a new fab up to speed, I'll take it (and the recent Comet Lake rumors) as a hint that 10nm is still not looking good and Intel will be relying heavily on 14nm for a significant while longer.

Intel's main problem right now is that its 10nm is two years overdue. Had 10nm mass-production been on schedule, Intel wouldn't have needed the extra 14nm capacity.

Math Geek

ok so i misinterpreted what i was reading then. so not lack of supply but rather supply can't keep up with demand. makes since considering only recently has AMD been competitive with them. only game in town should easily lead to overdemand.

i wonder if intel will ever get the 10 nm thing figured out or if they'll jump straight to whatever is after that. been long enough now that the next jump should be in development since we know how long it takes to go from concept to commercial product.


i wonder if intel will ever get the 10 nm thing figured out or if they'll jump straight to whatever is after that. been long enough now that the next jump should be in development since we know how long it takes to go from concept to commercial product.
In one of its recent quarterly reports, Intel was still committed to mass-manufacture chips on 10nm so Intel would be in trouble with investors if it scrapped 10nm altogether. Something will get mass-produced on a 10nm process of some description but it may not be mainstream parts and not necessarily on the same 10nm process Intel has been chasing for the last couple of years. IIRC, when Intel explained its multiple 10nm delays a few months ago, it essentially admitted that its 10nm plans were too ambitious for aiming at competitors' 7nm.

On the 7nm side of things, assuming Intel gets lucky with not having repeat delays on that too, volume production should be starting at fab #42 in early 2021. That's two more years for Intel to make something useful happen with its 10nm experiments while churning out more 14nm+++++++ parts.