Single 7970 VS 6870's X-Fired (Eyefinity)?


Dec 28, 2012
So, I have recently upgraded my CPU and my motherboard (my old one would not support a crossfire set up) and I have been debating for a few weeks now on what to do with my GPU. I am currently sitting on a single XFX 6870 graphics card ( ) and I have been running Eyefinity on that for a bit. It does tend to struggle some on a good chunk of the newer games and that forces me to bring it down from 5760x1080 to 1920x1080 or to kill the graphics down from High. I can still use it fine for games like Eve Online and such, but I have been itching to upgrade. On one hand I have the juice to run a 6870 X-Fire set up and that would only run me $140-ish to achieve, but on the other I can get a single 7970. Will I be able to get the same frame rates off of a single 7970 in Eyefinity as I could force out of a X-Fire 6870 set up? I would eventually upgrade to X-Fire 7970's, but I don't currently have the money to dump on two new cards at the same time.

For Reference, this is the 7970 I plan on getting:


Oct 14, 2011
7970 should perform closely to crossfire 6870s. If it was me, it's not worth spending $430 to upgrade to a 7970 when you can get the same performance by crossfiring your existing 6870 for $140.

If you're looking for a big upgrade in raw performance and willing to spend more than $400, crossfire 7870s for ~$480 is probably a better deal than a single 7970 for $430.



+1 to this idea! Save your money!