Single DAD of 3 boys NEEDS help!! I need to figure out the cheapest way to upgrade my computer. So I can play games decently.

Sep 6, 2018
HI guys I have a HP pro 3500 MT i5 3470@ 3.2ghz and 8gb of ram and Im having trouble running any newer games. Im trying to figure out what would be the cheapest way to make my machine capable of playing modern games. So basically Im begging for help lol. Should I upgrade to whatever the best graphics card is that I can get running on my measely 300 watt psu. And if so what would it be? I don't know anything about how to find out what I would need. Or should I upgrade to an i7 or just a better cpu in general. Im new to computers but can learn and do anything so hense why im here asking for help guys lol. whats the best and cheapest solution for a single dad of 3 boys that cant afford anything for himself???? lol seriously cheap haha Just want to be able to play some games decently.

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
The challenges:

Your power supply. Probably no dedicated 6 pin for a graphics card, and LOW wattage. All power would have to come through the board.

BIOS support.

At best you MIGHT be able to get a gtx750 or 1030 to run in that system, depending on power availability and compatability. Not all 300W power supplies are the same, and if it's "big box" assembly, then figure it's probably not a top tier power supply in order to cut costs and save on margins/meet a price target for the system. Just because it boots up with a graphics card in it doesnt mean its good to go from a stability standpoint or from a "power supply is going to blow because it's overloaded" standpoint.

Also a challenge. 8GB memory is acceptable for some games, but 16GB is a better margin for some newer games. More memory = more power draw of course.

A possibly helpful video
Sep 17, 2018
your cpu will play the games you want, i have a 3770k which is the same number of cores but .3ghz higher. a good card to buy could be a GTX 1050 ti, just make sure you get one with no power connector.