Single gtx 560 ti or SLI gtx 550 ti?

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Jun 24, 2011
So I am about to purchase parts for a new build, and I am wondering if I should get a single gtx 560 ti, or SLI two gtx 550 ti's.

I do moderate gaming, but nothing super intense. I run a 1080p resolution. I do some mild video editing, java 3d development and flash animation as well as GIMP.

Right now I am on an hd4770 if you were curious :p
My opiinion is, to use a good single card whenever it will do the job.

SLI is a bit more complicated, and requires a stronger psu.
The benchmarks will usually be good, but some games do not scale that well with sli.

Also, get a 2500K instead of a 2600K. It will save you $100 that can be applied to a stronger graphics card.
The 2500K will OC to the same limit as a 2600K, and the extra hyperthreads are not useful in games.

The 2600K has hyperthreading, which is like having 4 more cores of about 1/4 strength each.
If your apps are multicore enabled, and can use many cores, then a 2600K is good.

I have not yet seen any benchmarks demonstrating the value of the added cache on the 2600K.
But... If the extra $ 100 is not that important to you, then there is no downside to the 2600K.

I think the GTX560ti would be more than enough for your usage.

If budget is not a great issue, look into a SSD for the OS and apps. Everything will feel so much quicker.


Jun 16, 2011
I would definately get the two cards for gaming, if you were to get a single stronger one (like a 570/580) then it would be different, but between the two options you are giving...

Some games may not scale very well, but still it should most of the times be better than a single card, and on the games that it scales as it should (most of the games) you will really see the difference.
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