Question Single MP3 via Bluetooth Causing Car Stereo to Reboot


Dec 13, 2009
I ran into such an unusual issue yesterday that I don't even know how to google it. My phone (samsung/android) was connected to my car's stereo (Nissan) via bluetooth. I was playing music as usual (BlackPlayer app/mp3s), and then one song ended, the next song started and within seconds my stereo restarted itself. I thought that was weird but who knows, just one of those things maybe. The stereo finishes rebooting, takes a few seconds to connect to bluetooth again, song starts playing and instantly the stereo restarts again. So this time I turn bluetooth of to see what happens. Low and behold: no restart. I play the radio a bit, no issues. So I go to my phone, turn on BT again, but I choose a different song. Car connects to phone and plays perfectly. I play another song on the same album with the problem track, no issue. I go back to the song in question, instant reboot. I'm clueless. How could one mp3 file cause my stereo to constantly reboot like that? I've played the song on my phone directly without BT and it plays fine.

Anybody ever hear of anything like this? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, please let me know if there is another section that would make more sense for a question like this.