Question Single temp high on motherboard

Sep 13, 2019
Hello, so I have an ASRock B450 Pro 4 motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 6 core processor, and GTX GeForce 2060 graphics card... along with 4 fans. Rear case, CPU Cooler (Hyper 212 Black Edition), and 2 Corsair ML140 Pros in the front to bring in air from the filter to circulate through the case. The case being a Phantek P300.... So my problem: I'm playing Borderlands 3 with AMD's Precision Boost Overdrive on. I'm on a mix of ultra and high with the graphics. Keeping about 90 frames consistently. The AMD program shows my Temps fine in the 60 C range when playing, but i also downloaded iCue to control the two front fans but in that it also has a monitor.. i noticed while playing that the monitor in iCue for my motherboard had 5 temps that were normal but 1 temp was reading 120 C!!! i quickly turned off the game, downloaded HWMonitor and restarted the game... As the PC sat in idle prior to Borderlands starting up 5 TMPIN (6,8,7,3) are sitting between 22 C and 46 C. However, TMPIN5 is sitting idle at 65 C, this corresponds with the iCue readings (though labeled different of Temp#2). I played the game, and both programs showed as I played the temperature of TMPIN5 (Temp#2) rising steadily as I played. The other temps didnt rise much at all, the fans never ran faster other than from the initial start up of the game... however, It got up to 93 C before I turned the game off again. I played that session for 30 minutes. Is this something I need to be super concerned about?
Other info: HWMonitor shows SYSTIN temp of 33 C and rises to about 45 C when playing. TMPIN5 has a Min/Max value in the program of 65 C and 96 C.
Thanks for any help!!