Question Single vs Dual Channel RAM for Ryzen 3600


Feb 22, 2014
I recently upgraded my PC to a Ryzen 3600, MSI Tomahawk Max, RTX 2060 Super
However the vendor duped me into believing that there is no real difference in Single vs Dual channel RAM and sold me a single stick of 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz LPX RAM.
Only later did i realize that there is a difference in the performance of single and dual channel for gaming.
unfortunately my vendor wont take it back but fortunately the RAM is still sealed in the box. Therefore I Might be able to sell it without losing too much money on it.
So should i make the effort of selling this stick and getting 2 sticks of 8GB each or should i just stick with the single stick?
My purpose is gaming only.
And should i stick with 3200Mhz or will 3000Mhz do as well?
How much of a performance difference is there in gaming between 3000 and 3200?

TJ Hooker

That's an option too, but you have to keep in mind that if you're combining sticks that weren't purchased together as a kit there's always a possibility they'll have compatibility issues.

I don't think gaming will meaningfully benefit from >16GB of memory for quite a while (at which point it'll probably be time to move to DDR5 anyway). But there can be an indirect benefit from getting 32GB in that the sticks are likely to be dual rank (which can benefit performance), whereas most 8GB sticks will be single rank.