Site:tomshardware com amd radeon hd 7970 with 620w

*Note it's NOT just the Total Wattage. The PSU must also have sufficient Amps on the +12V rail (or combined rails).

HD7970 requires at least 40Amps. It is very overclockable and a 25% overclock could consume 55Amps of current!!

I recommend a PSU with at least 650Watts and 60Amps to be safe. About $100 if you shop around.

Read my comment and keep that in mind:

YES. The HD7970 (non-overclocked) needs 40Amps. This PSU has 54Amps.

IMO, the best card available is the HD7950 OC from Saphire Tech:

It has a GREAT cooling solution, can be overclocked, has a dual BIOS and costs about $490 at NCIX (USA). It was UNOFICIALLY overclocked by 45% though I would not do that myself. I would overclock to 20% above stock. Keep in mind you need MORE AMPS to overclock and it's not proportional. A 25% overclock needs close to 40% more Amps so keep that in mind.

You can use the above PSU and HD7950 OC and still have a modest overclock on the graphics card. Run FURMARK to test the graphics card for stability.

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