Review SK Hynix Gold S31 SATA SSD Review: SK Hynix Barrels Into US Market

Impressive results...

(I rarely use a SATA SSD larger than 500 GB or 1 TB anyway)

However, with pricing roughly equal to Crucial's MX500, I'm not sure I'm willing to make the leap without someone else first taking the risk on reliability/endurance testing, etc...

Given a need for a SATA drive, when someone else is paying, I'll take Samsung's 860 EVO

When I am paying , it's Crucial MX500... :)

Given a year's worth of history of lots of samples tested with few to no failures noted, I'll gladly try this Hynix unit, but, they will have to undercut Crucial by more than $3 or so.... Given equal pricing (which seems to be the case based on 1 TB unit current prices), I'd stick with Crucial at this point....
May 11, 2020
Currently I have a WD VelociRaptor 500 GB Workstation Hard drive: 3.5 inch/10000 RPM. The speed of which was blazing for a HDD. But is aging since I got it back in 2013 (7 years ago). So I decided to take a dive into the world of SSD's. I ran across the SK Hynix Gold and was impressed with the price for a 500GB SSD and the speed. I'm not so much concerned about reliability since I'm keep my old Raptor HDD and use it to backup the SSD. But with the review + a 5 year warranty, how can you lose here? The price is competitive as well with provided friendly migration tools. I'll miss using my Raptor, but no more noisy HDD mechanical drive, and welcome to the world of quiet and fast HDD's. One day I'll replace my Raptor HDD backup probably with a 1TB WS Blue drive(7200RPM) to take over backup chores, but at least it won't be due to a failed drive and lost data.