News SK hynix Starts Mass Production of Speedy, 238-Layer NAND


Jan 31, 2020
I'm no expert, but beyond size, sequential speed and reduced power consumption, one can wonder about latency, endurance, random I/O and how it will perform once integrated, depending on DRAM cache speed and size (and optional capacitor for flushing if power goes out), as well as driver brand and type. Finally, are we going to see 8, 10,12 or 16 TB SSD models at reasonable prices?
Jul 27, 2023
I thin
We can hope! I for one would love some larger capacity ssd drives at an affordable price.
I think this also depends on how Hynix is going to treat these nands. If they somehow limit these chips to PCIe 5.0 drives I don't think it will be cheap, as in the case of Micron's 232-layer nands. But if somebody else do pair those nand with an 4 channel HMB controller with 2400MT/s interface (like IG5220 and MAP1602, and TeneFe 2201 in future) then it's very possible to see cheap 4TB ssds at least, as in the case of YMTC 232-layer nands in China. The prices of 4TB MAP1602+YMTC 232-layer ssds are crazy there, as low as about $160 AFTER tax.


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