Sketchy EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Sc2 Packaging


Aug 21, 2016
Hi, I just received the GTX 1080 Ti Sc2 that I bought from amazon. The problem is that something feels off with the contents in the packaging and I’m worried that it could be refurbished even though I bought it as new. 1) the poster that came with it is totally different than the one I saw in unboxing videos. The poster in the unboxing videos was of a robot and in red letters at the bottom it said SUPERIOR HARDWARE. The one I got is like a galaxy looking one that is blue and has the EVGA logo as Saturn and in blue letters it says GAMING BEYOND OPEN WORLD. 2) The disc, stickers, etc was in the manual but from the unboxing videos I have watched they were not placed inside the manual.

Now I found 2 explanations for this but idk if they hold up.

1) The poster I got was the #1 votes for EVGA poster for 2018. This could mean that I got a 2018 GTX 1080ti Sc2 and the ones in the unboxing videos were from 2017.

2) The stickers, disks, etc could have slid into the manual, considering that the box I got was sorta beat up.

Idk give me your thoughts. I’m worried that it could be refurbished but the problem is idk what a refurbished 1080ti Sc2 packaging or the card itself looks like.
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